Friday, September 14, 2012


Here's the scenario:

You're chilling on the sofa and suddenly there's a text message which pops up on the screen of your phone. You decide to check it, and it's him (your boo thang).

The message says: "I'll be there around 8:00."

 You've got your favorite incense burning in the background while listening to some smooth R&B to set the mood. After everything is done, you begin to wait for his arrival. Soon you realize he's running a little late, so you try reading a novel by your favorite author just to pass the time. Forty five minutes later, you're tired of reading, and you begin to think, "Where could he be?" So naturally, you start creating itty bitty excuses for his lateness, "Well, maybe he's stuck in traffic," you say. As you continue to watch the clock, you realize it's been over an hour, and he still haven't arrived, yet! So you try to reach him on his phone several times, and he doesn't respond. Now it's been over two hours, and you're extremely frustrated because this mane still haven't showed up!!!! So you climb into bed, and just lay there to stare at the ceiling. As tired as you are, it's almost impossible for you to fall asleep so you're tossing and turning for most of the night.

Soon the birds are chirping, then you wake up to the morning sun....OOPS! Did he tell you another lie?!?!?! Isn't this the 5th or 6th time he decided to not show up??? Gurl, bye!

Honey, if this is your life story, it's time to tell that son of a bastard to kick dirt! It's obvious that man ain't trying to be with you....because if he wanted to be with you....don't you think he would've came home, last night??  Let's keep it one hun'did!! That one song by Changing Faces said it best, so why don't you just tell him to "Ghettout" chile?!" Now before you do this, you know you gotta take away his rights to maintain the key to the house. You don't want him to pop up whenever he feels because he's lost all of his privilages, right? Also, please remember to collect his half of the rent! You don't want to get evicted during this process, do ya? If your answer was no, all you have to do is give him all of his clothes, and tell him that he has officially been dismissed, and IN THAT ORDER!! Ya, huurrrd meh? (as Mama Dee would say)


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